An NOC’s Resilient Roadmap

Thoughts on NOC's strategic improvements

An NOC’s Resilient Roadmap

Planning for an Athletes First Future

What is a National Olympic Committee (NOC)? NOC is a national constituent of the worldwide Olympic movement. Subject to the controls of the International Olympic Committee, NOCs are responsible for organizing their people’s participation in the Olympic Games. In addition, they may nominate cities within their respective areas as candidates for future Olympic Games. NOCs primarily promote the development of athletes and the training of coaches and officials at a national level within their geographies.

A Resilient Roadmap for a NOC is a continuously evolving process that adapts to the changing needs of the market and the NOC’s stakeholders. Below you can see what we attempt to answer with a NOC’s resilient roadmap:

  • How can NOC teams become more resilient?
  • What is the core NOC story?
  • How will we measure success?
  • What are our priorities for the next quarter?
  • What are we delivering and when? What are the core principles of a NOC?

The below format helps see the big picture while enabling teams to collaborate on details. The Core Principle (CP) resilient roadmap /execution planning process varies if the NOC team brings a CP to life from scratch or if the PC already exists. For net-new CP’s, we will utilize independent design research and design thinking plans. Note: This Resilient Roadmap is intended for existing CP’s while exploring new ones and asking what questions NOC team members should be asking to create clarity and get everyone on the same page.

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