Harris Kalofonos

Managing Director

Harris has held key management roles in several sectors such as education, sports, technology, government, urban development, and real estate, and has worked with some of the industry's best minds.

From his early years as a Judo athlete to his involvement in the Olympics, Harris's passion for Olympic education at scale has been a driving force in his career. Spanning several decades, he has worked at six Olympic Games and numerous business initiatives. Notably, Harris's crucial role in leading at-scale Olympic education initiatives in the US for the US Olympic Museum and in the rest of the world for the International Olympic Academy has provided him with deep market insights into formal and non-formal k-12 and higher education.

Harris has expertise in data analytics, content development, learning management systems, software development, product design, e-commerce, e-learning, user experience, and interface design. Harris has led teams to multiple exits, and his management skills encompass in-depth leadership in digital transformation projects, strategic planning, finance, international relations, branding, human resources, B2B relations, and a nuanced understanding of business development trends.

In 2021, the Global Forum of Education and Learning (GFEL) bestowed upon Harris the honor of being one of the top 100 visionaries for his significant contributions to Olympic education. This recognition, coupled with his two-time nomination for the Mayor's Olympic City USA Leaders Under 40 award, is a testament to his credibility and expertise in the field.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Harris is actively involved in philanthropic organizations that promote cultural programming for youth around the world.

Harris is widely recognized for his expertise. Several media outlets have published his work. For a more in-depth glance at his work and the matters he engages with, you can read more at

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