Desiging Olympic Education Curriculim

The Challenge

Typically, education programs focus on data delivery and miss their main objective -engaging students.

How can an Olympic education program engage and inspire students?

First, it needs to understand students fully.

How we did it

We used data to understand students' and parents' needs and aspirations.

After studying students' responses with varying learning practices, we understood the balancing conditions needed between traditional and creative educational modalities to augment leadership skills.

Turning Point

After years of studying best practices in delivering Olympic-based leadership curriculums, we could pinpoint the leadership life-skill elements world-class Athletes use and achieve.

We developed a curriculum that accurately emulates an elite athlete's mental growth path. Key elements include Connection, Intention, Resilience...


YCA graduates were able to increase their leadership acumen in the following three ways:

1. Agree on one’s ambition by setting ones’ true north.

2. Bult ones’ system of cascading metrics to measure journey rather than touchpoints, using a mix of qualitative and quantitative metrics that matter to each individual.

3. Ensure one’s ability to visualize & share direction with others

Designing Infographs

Complex Data Tree

Reader will tend to get lost in the data and not express a clear benefit to end user

Simple Two Story Lines

Easy to navigate information & benefit to consumer